Parshat Shelach - where Am Yisrael is given the beautiful mitzvah of Tzitzit and Tekhelet

Join the tens of thousands who, after 1300 years, are once again fulfilling this mitzvah!

Some things about the sale..

Purchase a tallit katan (tzitzit garment) tied with Tekhelet strings for the price of the strings alone.
  • If you would like a wool garment, there is an additional charge of $12.00.
  • You can order the garment and strings “self-tied” in which case the order will be expedited and shipped before other orders.
  • Please note! Ptil Tekhelet will make every effort to ship within 60 days but because of the great demand there may be delays in fulfillment.

Ordering 1 – Choose the Strings and Tying Method:

First you will need to choose the number of Tekhelet strings and the desired method for tying your Tzitzit. There are three opinions regarding the number of Tekhelet strings

  • Rambam – (1 of 8)
  • Raavad – (2 of 8)
  • Tosafot – (4 of 8)
  • Likewise, there are a number of methods for tying Tekhelet. In the picture on the right you can find the most popular methods.


    Ordering 2 – Choose the Garment and Size:

    The next stage is to choose the type of Tallit Katan garment (cotton, wool with a white or black stripe, or net) and the size. Please consult the chart on the right to find your best fit.

    When your choices are made, press “add to cart” to complete your order and payment.

    Please note! Carefully review all your choices
    to be sure you have ordered the correct type and size.


    Terms and Conditions:

    • No returns or exchanges
    • No other discounts apply during sale
    • Sale valid while supplies last
    • Limited to 3 per person
    • We will make every attempt to ship your order within 60 days
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